Large Scale Tree Planting

We are optimizing the use of drones to both scan and protect existing trees from deforestation as well as planting new trees. Focus on replacing manpower with technology in service delivery and acquisition. Delivery automation lowers operational footprint, while also creating other benefits by reducing errors, faster operations and 24/7 coverage.

We are looking for farmers and landowners in appropriate growing zones to grow and take care of our trees. We provide premium quality seeds and ultra-fast aerial planting support. Together we share in the profits from carbon credits only. The harvest profits used for furniture, veneers, housing, and much more is kept by the landowners.

Drone Tree Planting

The planting operation uses drones that can carry a substantial load of seed bombs or pucks respectively, which may include pre-germinated seeds, and an initial nutrient package to assist early growth. The drones used can carry a payload of 25 to 50 kg, depending on drones used, species planted and its terrain.

Drones allow for quick and safe tree planting in areas where rapid reforestation is needed, or where traditional tree planting is difficult.

CO2.CAPITAL creates sustainable ecosystems through drone planting.

We supervise reforestation projects from start to finish, starting with the scanning and full analysis of the land. Then, we carry out the planting tasks, using drones to plant in areas that are difficult to access, achieving cost and time savings. Finally, we monitor the reforestation success.

Environmental Benefits

Environmental benefits of our solution:

  • Creation of natural capital wealth with respect for local biodiversity.

  • Reduction of environmental impact, regenerating burned and deforested areas, accessing places that were inaccessible until now.

  • Restoration of degraded areas with complete ecosystems of diverse seed sowing: native tree species, shrubs, and grasses according to the needs of the land.

  • Adaptable and scalable model, from small ecosystems to extensions of hundreds of hectares. Each plantation is accompanied by a sustainable management plan.
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Our Solution

Encouraging the use of natural systems and processes in design allows for exposure to nature, and in turn, these design approaches improve health and wellbeing.
  • Drone Data Collection

    Thanks to the big data collected from first drone flights, we can analyze all the variables involved in the creation of new ecosystems and use our algorithms and local people and their knowhow to select the most appropriate way to reconstruct them.

  • Drones

    Our drones are equipped with top of the range machinery from LiDARS to multispectral cameras and have a launching system for up to 10,000 intelligent seeds and allow reforestation even in areas that are difficult to access. Using innovative software, they select the most suitable planting pattern based on criteria such as humidity, soil temperature and terrain orography.


    Our intelligent seeds guarantee efficient germination on the land to be reforested. The capsules are biodegradable and contain the pre-germinated seed together with optimized components needed for its growth.

Our Sustainable Development Goals

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