Drone forestry inventory,
Drone seeding


Drone lidar scanning,
AI tree recognition,
Green asset tokenization,
Satellite monitoring


Increase tree count,
Stop illegals’ logging,



Monetize Existing Forest Digitalization
Using technology to digitalize and protect every single tree

In the carbon market, our company specializes in scaling-up verified carbon credit projects via forest restoration and agroforestry. We create compelling carbon credits and value chain portfolios that include forest protection, improved forest management, forest restoration, and community trees/forests.

To address this issue, we have launched an unprecedented undertaking to scan and digitalize the majority of Europe’s trees.


The goal of our CO2.CAPITAL entities is to increase the European tree count by 500 MILLION NEW TREES planted for our 30th anniversary in 2050. We can achieve it through our digitalization initiative using advanced drones and satellite imagery as well as combining the latter with AI and Blockchain technology. Tree planting partners, corporate partners and private investors alike are rallying together with us to create a financially profitable carbon credits activity tradable through
various electronic exchanges.

Technological Solutions

Our goal is to develop a powerful near real-time tree monitoring protection system, which will combine algorithms, satellite technology, drone imaging, cloud computing, blockchain, robotics, maps and human networks around the world to register and protect every single tree.

Forest Preservation

We proudly host a diverse portfolio of carbon offset projects worldwide, with the focus on European forests. Each project we support has been thoughtfully verified and scanned with our drones. Every tree has been digitalised as a 3D model, including its exact geolocation, accurate to 2 cm, and additional specific variables like age, species, size, canopy, and yearly carbon segregation. Only a registered tree can successfully be protected. The high granularity of information collected gives us an exclusive advantage for transparency, integrity and precision calculating real carbon credits impact from our projects.

Frank Deecke
@frank - 15 November 2021Dec, 2022

CO2.CAPITAL is searching, finding and funding the highest quality carbon reduction projects that are verifiably and measurably reducing global warming emissions.

Agroforestry & Reforestation

We are looking for farmers and landowners in appropriate growing zones to grow and take care of our trees. We provide premium quality seeds and ultra-fast aerial planting support. Together we share in the profits from carbon credits only. The harvest profits used for furniture, veneers, housing and much more is kept by the landowners.

Green Asset Projects

Next Impact Service