Monetizing Existing Forest

We source and tokenize trees as our main source of green carbon credits. Every tree has been scanned and saved in our vault to be monetized through our direct offset marketplace. Forest health is permanently monitored through satellite imagery. Get in touch to start the process and monetize your forest.

Monetize Existing Forest Digitalization

We are continuously looking for landowner partnerships in appropriate growing zones to grow and take care of our trees. We provide full support from planning, obtaining permissions and grants to project implementation. Together we share in the profits from carbon credits only. The harvest profits used for furniture, veneers, housing and more is kept by the landowners.

Agroforestry & Reforestation

We provide premium quality seeds and ultra-fast aerial planting support. Together we share in the profits from carbon credits only. The harvest profits used for furniture, veneers, housing and much more is kept by the landowners.

We work with family, industrial and tribal landowners to generate carbon credits which provide real financial value, increase and diversify revenues for timber landowners. 

Apart from generating the highest quality carbon credits, our projects also provide a host of socio-economic “co-benefits” to the local communities where these projects are implemented in an industrial way that is both ecologically and socially responsible.

Upfront costs
for landowner

Cost Effective Solution

Costs vary according to project type, scale, and complexity. All upfront costs are taken care of by CO2.CAPITAL AG, including token issuance costs. Additional costs come from project implementation, third-party reviews by approved validation and verification bodies, certification review fees are paid out of the profit generated by trading the carbon credits represented by the digitalized trees.

Our certification provides additional long-term benefits when the forest health has been verified over a 12-month period through satellite imagery. More frequent extreme weather events and hurricanes can also impact the health and diversity of the forest. This project aims to mitigate environmental impacts caused by forest exploitation; restore areas with severe erosion or those affected by disease, fire, and pests; and protect and prevent damage by fires, grazing, and illegal use of forest resources. The landowner locally always manages the project.

Landowners Wanted

We would love to hear from you if you as a landowner with forests would like to capitalize on what WE DO BEST!

  • Costs

    CO2.CAPITAL will cover the initial costs for satellite images, scanning and monitoring of all trees/forests. Specialised professionals will be mandated to achieve these complex duties.

  • Contract

    Once the report of the scan of your land was delivered and account for, it is CO2.CAPITAL’S intension to sell the CO2 accumulated every year for at least 10 to 20 years.

  • Profit

    The net price is calculated as the gross price achieved less the cost of the initial drone scan, introduction fees/commission payments and is fully transparent.

  • Payment

    CO2.CAPITAL will pay you as the landowner 50% of the net price obtained in the open market on a yearly basis from the sale of the carbon credits.

lidar tree scan
real tree carbon sequestration