Carbon Credit Direct Offset

Offsetter wanting to realize an immediate emission offset can purchase green certified electronic CO2 certificates directly from CO2.CAPITAL platform by simply opening an account here.

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As a ‘one-stop-shop’ solution for carbon measurement, verification and offsetting, the principles outlined are also adhered to by CO2CCS auditors in implementing all projects for end users. Users therefore typically will not be responsible for following some of the guidance themselves.

Carbon Neutrality Goal

Organisations seeking to achieve Carbon Neutrality by measuring, reducing, and offsetting their emissions.

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Superior Solutions

Green Assets
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Simplified Approach

The principles and procedures of the CO2.CAPITAL AG Carbon Standard (CO2CCS). The standard is aligned with most major international carbon accounting and auditing standards, but exceeds existing standards in four key ways:

  • Blockchain

    Deploying breakthrough blockchain technologies to increase the reliability, traceability and transparency of emissions credits

  • Technology

    Utilising cutting edge drone and satellite surveillance technology for forestry Green Asset projects to collect and monitor the numbers, health and species of trees being planted or protected, more accurately measuring how much carbon is truly being absorbed by such projects

  • Audits

    Covering a greater scope of emissions in all carbon audits to ensure that an organisation’s true climate impact is being analysed, reduced and/or offset - resulting in greater environmental action

  • Efficiency

    Pioneering a quicker methodology for certifying emissions reductions and removals, allowing project owners to monetise their offsets more rapidly and affordably than other mainstream certifications. Save thousands in upfront application fees and utilise our drone scanning technology at no initial cost

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