Green Asset


Tree data inventory,
Proof of asset,
Non Fungible Tokens (NFT) 


NFT 1155 standard,
Hybrid wallet


Increase asset traceability,
Stop double counting,
Cross chain portability



The tokenization of assets refers to the process of issuing a blockchain token that digitally represents a real tradable asset, in our case the trees and on an aggregated level the segregated carbon credits. By tokenizing illiquid assets these tokens can then be traded on a secondary market.

Tokenization Process

After a project successfully applies for certification through the CO2CCS, the process to tokenize
the resulting emissions savings from the Green Asset projects is straightforward.

asset tokenization

Once the tokens – each representing a unit of emissions reduction – are minted on the blockchain, they are accessible for tracking and tracing and purchasable on the CO2.CAPITAL AG voluntary carbon offset platform.

From carbon reduction to tokenization

Certification of the green asset project ensure its compliance with the principles and quality criteria of our CO2CCS standard. By creating and distributing carbon offset credits on the blockchain instead of using traditional methods such as web-based registries or paper documentation, each individual emissions reduction can be uniquely traced and verified. This greatly increases the reliability of data and, ultimately, the legitimacy of each emissions reduction.


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